The soundtrack for the upcoming video game “Batman: Arkham City” has been announced, along with the bands involved - many of which are fan favorites who are coming out with new songs just for the soundtrack. The album will be released before the game on October 4th. Check out the tracklisting below!

01. Panic! At The DiscoMercenary
02. Coheed and CambriaDeranged
03. The Duke SpiritCreature
04. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Shadow On The Run
05. Blaqk AudioAfterdark
06. Raveonettes Oh, Stranger
07. † † † (Crosses)The Years
08. The Damned Things Trophy Widow
09. DaughtryDrown In You
10. The Boxer RebellionLosing You
11. Serj TankianTotal Paranoia
12. A Place to Bury StrangersIn The Shadow*

*note that this song is only available on the collections edition of the album.

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    Gah! I have to get Arkham Asylum soon so that I can get Arkham city when it comes out and the soundtrack looks awesome....
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    Now I’m just as excited for the soundtrack as I am for the game. Prob in large part to the new Blaqk Audio song…but...
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    This soundtrack looks incredibly disappointing.
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    that sounds like a pretty good line-up right there. the only thing missing is black veil brides ;3 [i’m sure andy would...
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    YesyesyesyesyesYES! Fucking LOVE Blaqk Audio and I fucking love Batman! YESSSSS
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