January is a cold, cold month, so why not heat it up with our latest giveaway? Awaken The Empire are straight out of Hollywood, but their sound is anything but. You a fan? Then follow our tumblr and reblog this post for a chance to win this entire merch pack from the band. Not a fan yet? Then check out their music on their facebook, twitter, or official site. We accept entries from any country, anywhere. Every reblog is a change to win! The list of included swag is below:

  • Awaken The Empire ‘The Awakening’ Poster
  • Awaken The Empire ’The Awakening’ CD
  • Awaken The Empire ’The Awakening’ Sticker
  • Awaken The Empire ‘Official Symbol’ Pick
  • Awaken The Empire ‘Insomniac’ T-shirt

Hurry up and get your entries in! We’ll draw winners on the last day of the month. See you then!

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